Diversity and Belonging

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    Workplace bullying, just like any other bullying, can negatively impact one’s health and productivity. In this workshop, we’ll be exploring what is workplace bullying, how to spot workplace bullying, the potential effects of workplace bullying, and how you can deal with a workplace bully.

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    We all feel we are not good enough at some point in our lives, but if left to grow it can be a barrier to workers achieving their full potential and can adversely affect mental health. What can you do to overcome your own limiting beliefs and sense of imposter syndrome?

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    If we are not Consciously Including people, then it is highly likely we are therefore Unconsciously Excluding them. Conscious inclusion is the act of being aware of and making an effort to include people who are often left out or marginalized. Learn how you can start your journey to becoming more consciously inclusive.

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    Can’t see what you are looking for, or you’d like to have a lunch and learn written specifically for your event – no problem, please make contact and we will discuss your take aways and requirements

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    We recognise that in our business it is our leaders that have the most impact on the culture of the organisation. In this session, Joanne Lockwood introduces the kinds of positive change your own organisation can focus on.

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    Language has the power to divide and destroy, yet we are all human. If we truly listen to each other, understand, and actually communicate, then language has the power to unite, to bring love, friendships, and change the world for the better.

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    We recognise that in our business it is our leaders that have the most impact on the culture of the organisation.

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    Supermarkets have been telling us for years that we, as consumers, are demanding our fruit and vegetables to be perfect, to all be the same size, shape, and colour. Consequently, millions upon millions of tonnes of perfectly good apples, carrots, potatoes, and courgettes are being discarded each year. Yet when we dive deeper, we find that these discarded items still have the same crunch and are still as nutritional, the potatoes make perfectly good French Fries – our fruit and veg does not have to conform to this very narrow visual standard as we’ve been led to believe.

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