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One of the biggest barriers to inclusion is the fear of saying or doing the wrong thing, no more so than with Trans and Non-Binary people. In this open and authentic fireside chat, Joanne will take both pre-prepared and questions from the audience in a “no holds barred” conversation.

Joanne will deliver actionable insights into the state of the world from her perspective on the way Trans, Non-Binary and Gender Diverse people are portrayed in the media, are unrepresented by our governments and maligned generally by minority views from certain sectors of society.

She will go on to take your questions on how her life has been over the past 6 years since her gender transition, and her relationship with her wife, Marie.  How they both took part in the Channel 4/RDF documentary “The Making of Me” and were even featured on Gogglebox one Friday evening.

From a business perspective, Joanne will be able to talk about how you can step up and step into become more effective trans allies individually and corporately.

Typical questions often asked include:

  1. Please myth bust some common stereotypes and misconceptions about transgender and non-binary people
  2. The best language to use to support the community
  3. As allies, how can we challenge others/colleagues when they are negative/opposed to/outright offensive to the transgender/non-binary person or to us as supporters?
  4. What are ways for transgender and non-binary people to cope or deal with the mental trauma/s that can come hand in hand with the social, emotional and mental pressures the community can feel when starting out in a new area/job?
  5. What are the simple things that we as individuals and as a business can do to support the community?
  6. Please talk about some practical advice for those in the community and those who support,
  7. How can focus on providing joy and a safe space for transgender and non-binary people to enjoy?
  8. What are typical policies you would expect to be in place in progressive and supportive organisations?
  9. What are some useful links to resources (TV, film, websites, literature etc) to expand our knowledge on the subject?

We will work with you in advance to help you prepare questions and discuss the best format for the event, either in-person or online.

Typical Questions and a Script DOWNLOAD

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