Is your Engagement Strategy as Accessible and Inclusive as you think it is? What can you do about it?

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In line with many organisations, you are looking to reach out to future employees and be as inclusive as you can be, am I right? Of course. If 2020 taught us anything it’s that we need to be person centric, and understand the need of the individual, but even with our best of intentions, we can often find that ideal candidates do not engage in your recruitment process or drop out early on.

In this session Joanne will talk you through some of the myths and the ways you can overcome these to implement a strategy to align your recruitment vision with your D&I objectives.

Discover how to…

  • Find your starting point by align your corporate vision and values to your requirement marketing and candidate engagement strategy
  • Realise what bedrocks and training you need to put in place before going to market on any diversity hiring mission
  • Understand how you need to be able to build trust with your candidates in order to get them to share their information
  • Recognise how language is important and how you can ensure you develop a cultural and emotional intelligence to engagement
  • Measure the effectiveness of initiatives around diversity hiring that go beyond first base, through onboarding and beyond
  • Consider the needs of individual candidates, and recognise that your new ATS or Talent Pipeline Tech may not work for everyone

Following the presentation Joanne will be around for an open Q&A where you can challenge her with your thoughts or maybe

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