“One Transition, Two Perspectives” – Joanne & Marie’s Story

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During this fireside chat, Joanne and Marie will give heartfelt and authentic accounts, with anecdotes from their lives, about what sparked them and the challenges both of them faced whilst tackling Joanne’s gender transition.  This fireside chat will give insight from both their perspectives and deliver actionable takeaways that businesses can implement right now to ensure they are providing support to trans and gender-diverse colleagues and customers.

In February 2019, Channel 4 broadcasted a documentary series entitled “The Making of Me” featuring, amongst others, Joanne Lockwood who was transitioning from male to female, together with her wife, Marie. The documentary was filmed over a three-year period and revealed the physical transformations of those who took part who were changing their gender, and how they and their families came to terms with it.

Joanne’s personal story and the effect on Marie, together with those around her featured, as did her incredible hair transformation, which made such an impact it was the headline feature in Channel 4’s “Gogglebox” (22/02/19) with viewers praising her new appearance.

Joanne has since been through 2 hair transplants and spoken on stage to audiences around the globe. Marie has now joined Joanne in the business, and they are working together for a shared future.

Joanne and Marie will recount their experiences of this time, sharing their different perspective of this transitional period.  They will also reflect as contributors to the documentary and their Gogglebox appearance, which will allow the audience to become better understand some of the impacts that this change had on their relationship, their family and at work.

Their motivational and emotional story of self-belief and empowerment is relevant to business leaders the world over.

Joanne and Marie will also be able to:

  • Explain how people can make her feel included by the language they use
  • Talk about the power of having allies in society and the workplace
  • Highlight how they overcame the negative thoughts holding them back

After attending this talk, you should leave with an understanding of the world through Joanne and Marie’s lens, develop tools and strategies to support friends, family and colleagues who may be going through their own struggles and journey and – most importantly – be entertained, inspired, and enlightened.

Following the fireside chat, Joanne and Marie will be around for an open Q&A where you can challenge them with your thoughts or maybe event ask them for some ideas on how you can tackle your own challenges.

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