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Supermarkets have been telling us for years that we, as consumers, are demanding our fruit and vegetables to be perfect, to all be the same size, shape, and colour. Consequently, millions upon millions of tonnes of perfectly good apples, carrots, potatoes, and courgettes are being discarded each year.

Yet when we dive deeper, we find that these discarded items still have the same crunch and are still as nutritional, the potatoes make perfectly good French Fries – our fruit and veg does not have to conform to this very narrow visual standard as we’ve been led to believe.

As recruiters and talent acquisition professionals are we potentially discarding candidates who do not fit this idealistic mould, the belief that meritocracy is fair and works for all – our biases, perspectives, and preconceptions of the way we have always hired to meet this narrow definition of ideal is discounting perfectly good candidates from diverse, marginalised, and underrepresented background and communities. We are even led to believe that hiring for diversity is hiring for second best.

By stepping back and questioning perspectives, biases and challenging the old mantras of “we hire the best person for the role” we can start to be Consciously Inclusive, to open our thoughts to candidates who may not look the same but have perfectly valid skills, passions, and motivations to success in a role (and a bit of crunch).

In this session Joanne gives her thoughts as to why the approach currently taken by many organisations is broken. Many of our biases are conscious and it is therefore the responsibility of organisations to develop this conscious inclusion culture and vision to recognise the value of all people. Joanne challenges thinking and highlights strategies for a starting point on this journey, the destination is up to you!

Key Take Aways…

  • How to challenge yourself to think inclusively
  • Why simply hiring diverse talent will not work if the organisations culture is not fit for purpose.
  • How tiny changes can make a significant impact to achieving an organisations D&I vision

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