The Person

Joanne Lockwood, Founder and CEO of SEE Change Happen, embodies the epitome of transformative change in the field of Inclusive Cultures. As a transgender woman in her late 50s, she is uniquely qualified to infuse authenticity and experience into the realm of diversity and inclusion. Her personal journey amplifies her voice, making her not just a consultant but a heartfelt mentor and a vanguard in the mission for transgender awareness and support.


The Expertise

With a background spanning from the Royal Air Force to a thriving IT business, Joanne has pivoted her career towards HR and People Consulting. She partners with “People People” — the HR professionals, Talent and Recruitment leads, and Organisational and Learning and Development leaders. Guided by her mantra “Smile | Engage | Educate,” Joanne nurtures Positive People Experiences, transcending traditional EDI models to bring about deeply rooted, sustainable change.


The Accolades

Her soulful impact has not gone unnoticed. Joanne is a Fellow and Chair of the Board of the Professional Speaking Association UK&I and a Fellow of the Institute of Equality and Diversity Professionals. Featured in a Channel 4/RDF documentary, “The Making of Me,” she also hosts the ‘Inclusion Bites’ podcast and until recently served as a Trustee for akt, the LGBT+ Youth Homeless Charity.

The Entrepreneurial Spirit

Joanne’s credentials go beyond her professional titles. She is an entrepreneur with a keen sense for business, having turned over £3m at the peak of her IT business and employing 25 staff. Her legacy in the Round Table as the first openly transgender Past National President shows her ability to challenge societal norms and engage in philanthropy.

The Speaker

Joanne’s riveting keynotes resonate deeply with audiences across the globe. Whether it’s after-dinner speaking events or international seminars, her storytelling ability grips her audience, teaching them to tackle their own imposter syndrome, overcome societal prejudices, and foster an environment where everyone can thrive.

The Community Advocate

The thread that runs through Joanne’s varied career is her commitment to community. From volunteering with Beyond Reflections, a Hampshire-based gender diversity charity, to contributing to the School of Health Sciences at the University of Southampton, her community work is a testament to her innate drive for inclusivity and belonging.

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