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Updated: January 2024

Publicity Text

Name: Joanne Lockwood FPSA FRSA FIEDP

Job Title: Founder & CEO

Company: SEE Change Happen Ltd

Job Function: Inclusive Culture Expert

Personal Gender Pronouns (PGPs): she/her/hers

Email Address: jo.lockwood@seechangehappen.co.uk

Social Media Hashtags: #PositivePeopleExperiences #SmileEngageEducate

Video Showreel

“Jo or Joanne? The Art of Addressing Me”

When it comes to addressing me, I often encounter the query: do I prefer ‘Jo’ or ‘Joanne’? Let’s clear the air – professionally and in formal settings, ‘Joanne’ is the name I resonate with. It’s like my official signature, the name that represents my professional persona.

On the other hand, ‘Jo’ is a more casual, friendly nickname, used affectionately by friends and family. If you feel a closer, more personal connection, feel free to call me ‘Jo’. However, a small plea: ‘Joanna’ is not a name I identify with, so let’s keep that one off the table.

I hope this sheds some light and brings a touch of ease to how you address me! 😊

Headline & Bio #1 (360 words):

Headline: Joanne Lockwood: The Inclusive Culture Expert

Bio: Joanne Lockwood, the visionary Founder and CEO of SEE Change Happen, is not just an Inclusive Culture Expert and International Keynote Speaker, but a trailblazer redefining the contours of diversity and inclusion. Her odyssey to transform societal norms and revolutionise inclusion is a beacon of inspiration in a world yearning for change.

In her groundbreaking collaborations with ‘People People’ – encompassing HR, Talent Acquisition, and Learning & Development luminaries – Joanne’s approach transcends the ordinary. She doesn’t just address exclusion and bias; she reimagines Equity, Diversity & Inclusion, infusing it with vitality and embedding it into the very essence of organizations. Her signature EDI Support Programme and business score cards are not just frameworks but a journey towards creating thriving environments where the ethos of Positive People Experiences reigns supreme.

More than her professional accolades, it is Joanne’s personal narrative as a transgender woman that ignites her fervor for advocacy and enlightenment. She’s not only a consultant but a compassionate mentor, steering organisations towards robust Allies Programmes and comprehensive LGBTQ+ inclusion strategies. Her roles – a respected Fellow and Chair of the Board of the Professional Speaking Association UK&I, a revered Fellow of the Institute of Equality and Diversity Professionals, a thought-provoking blogger, and the voice behind the influential ‘Inclusion Bites’ podcast – are testaments to her multifaceted impact.

Joanne’s soul-stirring influence in the realm of diversity and inclusion has garnered her widespread recognition and accolades, a tribute to her unwavering commitment. Engaging with her is to embark on an enlightening journey, unlocking the latent potential within your organization through the power of empathy, understanding, and inclusivity. She’s not just a guide but an architect of a more inclusive and empowering culture.

Embodying her mantra “Smile | Engage | Educate”, Joanne’s profound belief in respect and empathy positions her as an indispensable ally in championing inclusivity. Her story is an invitation to embrace transformation and become a catalyst for change in our beautifully diverse world.

Embark on this transformative journey with Joanne Lockwood – your guiding star in navigating the path to a truly inclusive workplace, where her passion and expertise light the way to impactful and meaningful change.

Bio #2 (95 words):

Joanne Lockwood, founder of SEE Change Happen, is an acclaimed Inclusive Culture Expert and International Keynote Speaker. Her journey as a transgender woman underpins her work in transforming Equity, Diversity & Inclusion practices. Joanne collaborates with HR and Learning & Development leaders, driving conscious inclusion and Positive People Experiences. A Fellow and Chair at the Professional Speaking Association UK&I, she also hosts the ‘Inclusion Bites’ podcast. Her impact on diversity and inclusion, fueled by empathy and respect, inspires organisational change worldwide. Joanne’s mantra, “Smile | Engage | Educate”, embodies her approach to fostering inclusive workplaces.

Bio #3 (42 words):

Joanne Lockwood, founder of SEE Change Happen, is a renowned Inclusive Culture Expert, leveraging her journey as a transgender woman to advance Equity, Diversity & Inclusion. She partners with HR leaders and organisations globally, inspiring transformative change through her mantra “Smile | Engage | Educate”.

Bio #4 (21 words): In a nutshell

Joanne Lockwood, transformative Inclusive Culture Expert, ignites organisational change by blending personal insight with a commitment to Equity, Diversity & Inclusion.

Suggested Emcee Intro (120 words):

Friends and colleagues, prepare to be captivated by the remarkable journey of our guest speaker, Joanne Lockwood. In 2017, Joanne made two courageous decisions: she launched her Inclusion and Belonging consultancy business and embraced her authentic self by undergoing gender transition. Leaving behind a 32-year IT career, she now ignites a fire for inclusion, belonging, and transgender awareness in organisations worldwide to promote Positive People Experiences.

Joanne’s mantra, “Smile | Engage | Educate”, reflects her unwavering commitment to fostering understanding and empathy in our beautifully diverse world. After the session, Joanne welcomes the opportunity to connect with you on a deeper level, so please reach out.

Now, let’s open our hearts and minds to the compelling and soul-stirring Joanne Lockwood!

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A/V Requirements

Joanne uses PowerPoint, video and occasional web content for interactive quizzes and polls.

While she can use any machine (MAC or PC), Joanne prefers to use her own laptop for presentations. Right now, that’s a Microsoft Surface Pro Studio which includes requisite DVI, HDMI and VGA Connectors.

Joanne brings:
  • A Windows Laptop
  • DVI, HDMI and VGA connectors
  • Wireless presentation clicker and backup
  • A desktop presentation using PowerPoint and embedded locally playable video files
  • A presentation designed to work on 16X9 screens

Joanne needs:

  • A wireless, lapel microphone
  • Mains power socket to power her laptop
  • A projector (DVI, HDMI or VGA Connector)
  • A speaker system that receives audio output from the laptop
  • A WiFi Internet Connection
  • Optional: External confidence monitor

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