Bespoke or Tailored Panel Event


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We will collaborate with you to develop and scope out your panel discussion across a broad range of topics with an Inclusion and Belonging or Pride theme. We can help arrange other panellists and be the chair/host for the event. Collaborating with you we will produce a list of questions and pull together a schedule and agenda.

Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion are ways that we can promote positive people experiences in the workplace. It makes your colleagues feel like they are part of the team and are empowered to contribute without fear of bias, judgment, and discrimination. It gives them the platform they need to be the best version of themselves and will drive performance and engagement within your organisation.

Everything from culture, race, gender, age, and more contributes to the biases and stereotypes built up in society and business. With such a wide range of attributes to cater to, it is no wonder there can be a lot to say, train, and educate. We are happy to attend a panel event where you can ask us all the questions you feel are relevant to the topic of D&I.

As Inclusion and Belonging Specialists, our mission is to ensure everyone is inclusive and helps create that desired outcome of a closely-knit team of professionals unhindered by the tropes that trap us in our thinking.

We can tailor Panel Discussion to your specification, ensuring we deliver a high-quality training session that will leave your colleagues feeling more inspired and empowered than ever before.

Following the presentation, Joanne will be around for an open Q&A where you can challenge her with your thoughts or maybe even ask her for some ideas on how you can tackle your own challenges.

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